Shock Spots Software


ShockSpots – The One and Only Curiosity Driven Ad Builder.  New Simple Software Gets You 5 times the traffic,  Clicks, Conversions & Revenue.  Super results with quick Push-Button Incredible Curiosity Driven Ads Technology. Unique WordPress Plugin: Featuring graphic manipulation & text tool.  Shock Spots is ridiculously easy to set up and even better yet, it’s all set-and-forget!

Shock Spots Software

What if there was a piece of software which automatically created those ads in such a way that your visitors would WANT to click on them…. buy whatever affiliate product you’re selling and then THANK YOU for it?

Imagine how MUCH of an impact bypassing AdBlock and similar banner-blocking systems will have on your business, conversions and revenue.  SIMPLE TO USE SOFTWARE: Works with all WordPress websites.

A new lightweight piece of technology that’s so incredibly sophisticated yet intuitive and easy to use that allows you to effectively monetize your videos and content with the push of a button…


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