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This service offers backlinks to stats websites, domain valuation websites, checking traffic stats websites, etc… We will submit your URL to over 3,000 of these websites. Many of these sites have a PR1-PR8 Google ranking and index the submitted URLs the same day. It takes quite a bit of time to to get your site indexed in the search engines and this service definitely helps. A submission report will be provided listing all the links.

These websites create special pages for each submitted and accepted URL. And of course the Google bots visit the websites frequently and rapidly indexing them. This means there is a link with your URL pointing to your website. And your link (URL) will appear in the search engine results. Google, Yahoo, Bing and others crawl these websites always searching for the latest links.

It is recommended that you consider the THREE submission plan. We would submit once per week, and the chances of your link (URL) getting accepted improves considerably. If your link is not accepted on the first submission, it may be accepted on the second or third submission.

One Submission: $13.95

Three Submissions: $29.95

$9.98 Each

Six Submissions: $49.95

$8.33 Each

Twelve Submissions: $89.95

$7.50 Each


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