Social Media Manager Software


Social Media Manager Software – Dozens of social accounts managed by One Person. Set up Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, etc. and other social media accounts for each of your personas. BuzzBundle is a one-stop solution to post, respond, and engage in conversations on any social platform, with any number of social accounts, and all in a matter seconds.

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Add all your existing social profiles. Automatically create new social profiles – Create new social profiles on the fly – BuzzBundle auto-fills your registration forms.

BuzzBundle – Already have a number of social profiles?  – just fill in your login and password once and use them all in BuzzBundle. Easy switching between accounts

Pick a persona and a social account to post under in a click of a mouse. One-click bulk announcements to all accounts Write once, publish everywhere! Link up your social media accounts and publish your messages to all of them at once.

Create any kind of messages – Comment, re-tweet, reply, send private messages – all from within the software. Easily add images to the posts you publish.

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