YouTube SuperStore

YouTube SuperStore – You could have your own YouTube SuperStore setup and earning income. Your YouTube Channel now has a “Store” tab. It’s the latest feature update that YouTube created for us to use. The STORE TAB is a new feature Youtube added in May of 2012. Very few people are talking about it and even fewer people have the slightest clue how to use it correctly.


You may have even seen the new “Store” option if you’ve logged into your Youtube channel lately. In fact, you may have even tried to set it up, it seems pretty easy, BUT, if you don’t set it up the right way, it WILL get shut down and will likely get your channel SHUT DOWN as well! YouTube is very picky with it’s guidelines.

The truth is, anyone can qualify for the “Store Tab” very easily, if they know how. That means even if you set up a new channel today, you could QUALIFY for the store tab on that channel very quickly and “YourTube SuperStore” can show you how! We’ve done ALL THE WORK for you! Don’t waste countless hours fumbling around online, researching “How to build a Youtube Store”!

  • Qualify for a STORE tab if you don’t already
  • How to set up a store THE RIGHT WAY!
  • How to show products in YOUR STORE
  • How to CHOOSE where your store shows up
  • How to set “FEATURED” products
  • How to DISPLAY “Featured” products in sidebar
  • Prevent your store getting shut down!

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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