Sentry Pigeon – Prevent Hacking on Your Website – $17.00

Sentry Pigeon – Prevent Hacking on Your Website –  “What If You Suddenly Lost Everything You’ve Worked So Hard To Gain Online?”  Hackers use automated systems to hunt down vulnerable websites, and when they see an opportunity, they attack in full force.

“Turn Your Site Into A Fortress!”

Once you’ve downloaded your copy of Sentry Pigeon, you’ll be armed with the knowledge you need to arm your site against just about any current hack methods, and protect yourself in advance against future methods as well.

Sentry Pigeon is a High-Caliber Multimedia Package consisting of a Professionally Written Manual PLUS Video Case Study detailing how I got hacked and lost a whopping $22,000, as well as how you can prevent it happening to you…

With Sentry Pigeon, you can put your mind at ease, knowing that with just a few small changes, your online website will be safe and sound against the incredibly vast majority of potential threats, making your site more trouble than it’s worth for a hacker to even consider attacking.

Only $17.00

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