PR Power Shot – Domain Name Software – The only software application that outlines and delivers AGED (minimum 3 years) and HIGH Page Rank (PR 3, PR4 and beyond) domain names available for instant buy (mostly which you can order domains for under $10!)

When you buy an aged expired domain name, you benefit from the residual traffic and its links.

#1.  PR Power Shot – Domain Name Software is simple. It goes to and checks the currently available expired and listed domains with the “buy now” option.

#2.  The Software searches by minimum domain age of THREE years; then it scrapes the top 2,000+ results from that search – and feeds them into our page rank API and outputs them for you in a spreadsheet.

#3.  The Software delivers back the domains and the Google PR score in a .CSV spreadsheet and a ‘real or fake’ PR check for you as well.

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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