Auto-Magic +1 Exchange Network – FREE Subscriptions!

Imagine getting thousands of +1s on your webpages with practically zero effort. That’s the power of the GPlus Super Circles +1 Exchange.

Here’s the feature set you’re going to get with GPlus Super Circles +1 Exchange:

* +1 Exchange – Get thousands of +1s for your URLs, automatically.
* Support for up to 10 URLs – Exchange +1s for up to 10 URLs at any given time! Easily change them on the fly.
* Vital Statistics – Keep track of your campaigns.
* Proxy Support – Rest easy knowing you are flying under the radar.
* Workflow Settings – Custom Google Plus request delay feature makes your +1’s look natural .
* Simultaneous Threads – Select how many accounts run at any given time.
* +1 Variance – Distribute your +1s unevenly to hide that footprint.
* Automatic people following – Add tons of users to your circles on autopilot.
* Keyword relevant lists – Search and add users based on your niche keywords.
* Super simple circle management – Organize added followers into your selected circles and build multiple lists within each account.
* Support for unlimited Google+ accounts – Manage all of your accounts in one place.
* Blazin’ fast – Add up to 500 people per day per account.
* Follower quality control – Keep high quality updated lists with follower management. Select the follow back time tolerance to automatically remove users who haven’t circled you back within a specified time frame.

Details – CLICK HERE

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