Pinterest PinPressr Software

Pinpressr – The Future Of Pinterest Online Marketing – Automated Pin Boards – Pinpressr Software creates fully automated Pinterest accounts. You can have your own Pinterest account, with dozens of boards and hundreds of followers all on Pinpressr-Pinterest100% AUTOPILOT. Pinpressr is a brand new and totally unique piece of software – This Software Does All The Pinterest Hard Work For You, 24/7 – Building boards manually on Pinterest can take weeks. There’s no other product on the market that can match Pinpressr’s functionality.


Manage Multiple Boards/Accounts – You have massive potential for scalability. You can run multiple accounts, each auto pinning to dozens of Pinterest boards, all being fed from hundreds of RSS feeds.

Use Related RSS Feeds – The plugin works by stripping images from any specified RSS feeds and auto pinning those images to any Pinterest board you specify.

Rotate Promotional Comments – You can place promotional messages/links alongside every image you auto-pin. So you can promote your affiliate links or drive free targeted traffic to your website.

Add Marketing Links To Pins – You can even add links to any other site, other than your own.

Pins Include Your Site Links – Drive free targeted traffic to your website without doing any work!

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