Mass Coupon Submitter

Mass Coupon Submitter is a software solution to tedious Coupon Submissions. With one click blast, your new store details are submitted to 75 and counting Coupon Code and Voucher code websites full of hungry buyers looking for a deal.

You can increase your sales by submitting your “Online Store Coupon Code” to coupon submission sites by listing your coupon at a variety of coupon sites and you will be converting their traffic towards your site.

Couponing is cool now and everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Shoppers are fully embracing and bragging about savings and discounts they are able to find online.

In today’s market, it’s very common for many shoppers to have coupon in hand, before venturing to the store. Think of your business in the same way… do you want to lose your business to your competitor simply because they are offering a coupon and you are not? Let’s face it, every penny counts and customers love deals!.

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