Manage All Of Your WordPress Blogs From One Place

You know the feeling of dread you get when you setup your blog empire, get a good theme going, install some good plugins, and then find out that WordPress just came out with another

Here’s how you can never feel that feeling ever again >>

Most of us have a blog, and a lot of us have dozens and dozens of blogs with themes, plugins, different logins, different passwords…

Manage All Of Your WordPress Blogs From One Place…

And that’s just fine, UNTIL one of your plugins get an update or even WordPress itself gets an update and you find you have to UPDATE every single one by hand!

Well, not anymore – a new plugin has just been released that lets you manage ALL of your WordPress blogs from 1 location, in 1 admin panel, all at once.

WP Internet Marketing Control Center

Forget paying someone to spend hours updating your blogs/plugins, and forget doing it yourself.

Grab this now and never deal with this common problem again…

WP Management Made Easy >>

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