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What is Google Plus One (Google +1)

Boost your social standing and enhance your search engine presence with Google +1 Votes! Google+ is the newest social network and it is spreading like wildfire. The unique thing about Google +1 Votes is that Google incorporates them into their search results. With Google+ votes, you can enhance your SEO and your social presence at the same time!

Google Plus One is a new social media from Google comparing Facebook likes, Twitter counts and Digg votes. Google Plus + has gained a lot of popularity and success in a short period of time due to its great features and ease of use.  Its easy to integrate in any webpage with very short clean code as well as the plus one counter provides added benefits for ranking of your website. Instruction are listed below.

When someone gives you click on +1 button on your website. it means you get a direct link in their profile page which is usually high a PR. Google also counts it as a quality vote for your website and determines that your website has something useful for web users.

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Google Plus :: Google Plus 1 :: Google plus One :: Google+1Google plus One is the newest tool that allows immediate publicity by just clicking the Plus One button. You can say that Google+1 is a simple system that makes your network think of what you feel is cool or is worth reading or watching. Ever since its release, the online world has immediately taken advantage of the new Plus One and therefore, you can see it in almost all active websites that you visit. This tool is so popular and useful that it has become indispensable. It is now an important part of many online marketing strategies, but of course, its main goal is to present Google Plus One as a social tool for your personal or business website or Blog..Google Plus :: Google Plus 1 :: Google plus One :: Google+1

 When it comes to SEO, this button seems to be the main target of expert SEO groups and therefore, they are trying to offer paid and accessible +1s. The reason is that Google is already adding variables to the search results and it is necessary that experts extract the most out of it. The SEO industry needs to take advantage of +1s..

If the user implements the +1 button on his or her website, the readers are encouraged to click on the post and it helps in driving traffic. One can say that it is similar to a peer review. Through this button, one can gain social metrics for the website. You will see what pages or links are most appealing and what you should avoid doing or improve on. The data itself is interesting to many, especially those who want to understand what Google is planning in the long run. Now, people Buy Google +1s in order to get the most results and traffic to their sites.

Important Note:  Your URL page must already be setup to accept Google Plus One Votes.  Please visit: setup instructions. Only ONE URL per order. A Google Plus One URL can also be added to the inside pages of your website or blog.

We do NOT offer Google+1 service to Adult, Phishing, Hacking or illegal websites

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Google Plus :: Google Plus 1 :: Google plus One :: Google+1


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