Google+ Auto – WP Plugin

Google+ Plus Automation – WordPress Plugin is a truly powerful, yet almost deceivingly simple way to bring more traffic to your websites simply and easily. Google Plus Automation is a practical WordPress plugin that is Google+  friendly for spectacular web traffic growth & niche domination.

This WordPress plugin is completely different than most. Every time you create an article or write a post on your website or blog, this plugin will attach itself and give you not only backlinks, but set your website up as that all important Authority Site that gives you maximum results in Google.

It works WITH and LEVERAGES the power of Google+ Plus to build you long lasting web traffic growth for months and possibly years to come.

Getting your website or blog on the first page of Google isn’t hard to accomplish when you have the right tools. It simply starts with the right software.

Backlinks are the most important factor in search engine rankings and will be for many years to come. However, most people can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of posting endlessly on forums and blogs that have low to no page rank.


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