Digi Traffic Generator

Digi Traffic Generator – Get Hundreds of Penguin-Proof Backlinks at the Push of a Button. So simple to use, even a 5-year old can drive traffic to your website. Devote 100% to building backlinks on HIGH QUALITY –  HIGH  TRAFFIC websites.


Digi Traffic Generator comes armed with a database of HUNDREDS of high-traffic social bookmark sites… all ready to send the social signals you need for a MASSIVE boost in traffic.

To give you backlink variety and authority, Digi Traffic Generator also comes armed with a database of dozens of article directories, specially selected to drive organic, direct and viral traffic.

Run the whole show from your desktop: the software is a simple Windows desktop app that you’ll download and install on your own PC, so you’re never relying on web-server requests and can target ANY website you choose. It’s got one box for your URL, one box for your title, one box for your text. And one button that says ‘POST’. It’s really that quick and easy.

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