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And it works SO FAST, that some users report DRAMATIC results in under a month, just a couple of weeks, or EVEN as little as Just 3 Days! If you want to take your traffic generation to the next level, Digi Traffic Accelerator can do that, too. The software allows for you to create UNLIMITED posting accounts on every backlinking site we support.


Digi Traffic Accelerator does JUST what the title says. It’s programmed from the ground up for one solitary purpose. To ACCELERATE your TRAFFIC.

It does that by building backlinks at SPECIFICALLY chosen websites that have been PROVEN to boost rankings and drive targeted visitors wherever you choose.

Windows Desktop Software – You download this software and install it on your own computer, so you don’t have to rely on some remote server like other web-based apps.

Simple User Interface – You don’t need a 500 page manual or 10 hour video course to figure out how to use this tool. It’s so simple, you can begin using it in just 3 steps!

Automatically Create Accounts On 500+ Posting Sites – That’s a MASSIVE boost to anyone’s backlinking power… Enough to give you get a critical edge in whatever competitive markets you choose to go into.

Email Confirmation – The software connects to the email account you provide so you don’t have to manually click 100s of activation links when you auto-create your posting accounts. (Believe me, this is a HUGE time-saver!)

Unlimited Link Posting – We allow you to use this tool to promote as many pages and keywords as you like! That way you can use it to boost traffic to your current online business and even jump-start and grow new ones from scratch!

And much, much more…

Details  –  CLICK HERE

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