PageOne Curator Software

‘Curation’ is the new buzzword, and worth looking into if you’re tired of the auto-blogging route that is fast fading into the sun.

NOTE: PageOne Curator Software runs on Adobe Air, so works with both PC and Mac!

The software scours content sources to bring you fresh, relevant material you can use on your blogs, with your own introduction or take on the information, while linking to the original source and avoiding any copyright issues.

There are two ordering options available, and the first is a Single User License, which allows it to be installed on ONE computer, an can be used with up to 100 blogs. This option was $22.22 when I saw it, but it is rising.

The second ordering option is the Multi User ‘Outsourcer’ License, which allows you to install the software on up to FIVE computers. That option is $47.

After ordering, Paul gives you the OPTION (read OTO) to order his PageOne Syndicator plugin for your WordPress blog. This plugin takes the content on your blog and builds instant deep backlinks by pushing your posts to top Social 2.0 sites. If you don’t already have a plugin that does something similar for your blog posts, I recommend getting this one.


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