Content Gorilla – WP Plugin

Content Gorilla is a WordPress plugin that will allow users to publish content from Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, RSS, Flickr,content-gorilla Tumblr and articles. It will also allow the user to publish this content in 27 languages. Automatically Installs in less than 60 seconds. It’s a 6 in 1 WP Plugin that can do amazing things.


Automatically publishes quality related content from authority blogs onto to your website. “Amazon, YouTube And Yahoo Want To Give You All The Free Traffic In The World, But You Must AUTOMATE It”

There are three ways to do this – which do you prefer?

1)  You’ve got a spare 100 hours a week to go and scrape the latest content yourself. I know I don’t!
2)  You ‘hire and fire’ staff or virtual assistants which is a real pain.
3)  You Automate the Entire Process Using An Unrivalled Technology. Because today I’d like to show you something very special

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