Instant Content Curator Pro Software

Instant Content Curator Pro Software – Fresh Unique Content for your website/blog at the Click of a button. Get High Quality, Media-Rich Google-Love-Pulling Content on Your website in Seconds!!!  Fast And Most Easy To Use, 100% Foolproof Software On The Market That Replaces 99% Of The Mind-Numbing, Boring And Repetitive Tasks With Just A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse.


You can manage all your blogs and add SEO-Rich Google-Love pulling Content quickly and easily from a single easy-to-use Multiple Blog Command and Control Center!

Instant Content Curator Pro is a standalone software that installs locally on your PC

The only difficult thing about content curation is that it is time consuming. And that’s why it’s important to automate each aspect that can be automated. If you’re not automating your day-to-day operations, you’re falling behind. And it will become harder and harder – and in time, impossible – to catch up.

Here’s what Instant Content Curator Pro can do:

Manage multiple blogs in one location (depending on the license you choose)

Quickly find targeted articles through Google “Feeds”

Quickly find targeted ezine articles for curation (and you saw the proof of how effective these are…)

Insert the curated articles with one click

Format your post for SEO with the click of your mouse (h1 tags and all that stuff are normally so confusing – not here!)

Quickly search for images which are legal to use (that’s important!)

Quickly search for and review targeted YouTube videos

Insert the images and videos you find into your post with one click  (NO embed code)

Details  –  CLICK  HERE

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