Amazon Custom Search Bar

Amazon Custom Search Bar – In one minute, this simple WordPress plugin adds an attention-grabbing, Amazon-custom-searchamazon search bar bar on your website or blog, makes your visitors love your site, gets you more Google traffic and makes you more commissions on autopilot, 100% guaranteed.

You add the Amazon Custom Search Bar plugin to your blog ONCE and the search bar will continue working for you forever, sending Amazon commissions your way. The search results in the bar will also contain a 90-day-cookie (the default Amazon cookie only lasts 24 hours). This means that you can make money from the same visitor even if they purchase up to 3 months later!

It adds value to your blog:  The WP plugin will add a really cool search bar that allows your visitors to “custom search” Amazon – without leaving your site! Your visitors can find what they want quickly, right from your site.

Details  –  CLICK HERE



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